Artist Statement

Ruby Blossom Streek a.k.a. burlybosoms (b.1998) is an artist concerned, primarily, with herself. 

With influences being drawn from hyper-feminine maximalism, through the documentation of grief and loneliness, to the ‘mortifying ordeal of being known’ online today, new insights are shown through her articulation of the world as she encounters it.

The work is arguably diaristic, but I prefer to see it as documentative of shared human emotion through personal experience - I see my practise as a way for me to draw connections between myself and the world. In an era where we often feel ephemeral and disconnected, tangible connection through art and our worldly surroundings is grounding and reassuring. Like tying down a helium balloon.

(I am worried I’ve just spent forty thousand quid to do art therapy, yes).

In an age of #relatablememes, my work aims to bring out shared vulnerabilities in the isolated audience through oversharing; playing with the idea that overwhelming loneliness and longing can be collective. These themes and feelings have all been amplified by the lockdown imposed by Covid-19. By being multidisciplinary, using the tactility of film, text and textiles, I am able to create a – generally – immersive experience that is – hopefully – both confrontational and endearing.

She is still figuring it all out. 



2017 - 2020 painting ba @ camberwell, ual

2016 - 2017 ccw foundation @ ual

2009 - 2016 wymondham college, norfolk


group shows:

april 2020 I'M MAKING THIS FOR THE RAT THAT LIVES UNDER MY OVEN virtual group show

jan 2020 CLASS OF third year interim show @ copeland gallery, peckham

may 2019 OFFICE PARTY collab show @ peckham pelican

march 2019 ART EXCHANGE @ dkuk salon, london

jan 2019 MERGE second year interim show @ dilston grove, cgp gallery

may 2018 first year painting show @camberwell college of the arts

march 2018 COP A FEEL @ brixton east 1871

may 2017 ccw foundation show @ wilson rd

sept 2015 wym coll VI form exhibition @ the norwich forum


march 2020 in MEL magazine

sept 2015 in scuffle mag